Genetic Lineage

genetic lineage

We are a result of our genetics: but what is in our genetic lineage

That’s been passed down from parents and grandparents?

We are also a product of what we’ve brought in with us from our previous lifetimes to heal and learn from, to evolve.

Then there is the environment we were birthed into. The functionality or the dysfunctional aspects of the family will impact us greatly.

How do we survive this when we have no idea of the intensity of life?

Many will never know they are a result of passed down information from parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

Poverty, loss, jail, and inappropriate traits and behaviours that are unknown to us can pop up and affect certain members of a family, but not other members within the family group, and we will refer to them as the black sheep of the family. It’s not their fault.

Before you judge them, ask what passed down ordeal that family member is inflicted with from the family line.

By being aware in the first place, this part of the process of life can help family members to understand each other.

When you have clues to you, you have a key to unlock your path to who you are; because you are not what you think you are.

You are a timeless being making many journeys to this dimension to play out your games of life; healing the memories of a past generation as well as your own past life stuff.

In awareness you can understand others and yourself.

How do we survive this?

How do we survive following the family traits that don’t suit us in this lifetime?

Having awareness that such things can happen,

Healing the genetic lineage,

Clearing our DNA of mentalities from past ancestors,

The key is in the awareness.

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Relationship with My Mother

My life lesson has been to have a better relationship with my mother and learn to love her.

Mothers can be hard to understand; as a young adult we can be just finding our own way in the world

But feel we weren’t totally free.

Some mothers seem to have a hold on their children consciously or unconsciously.

Are you free to be yourself, or is your mother instilling her ways on you?

We don’t realise the intensity of our relationship with our mother;

She’s the one we bond with at birth.

Are you battling with your mother? Or are you totally in love with your mother?

Dealing with my mother was important for me to learn to understand myself.

For me it was an effort to be close to my mother; due to our life circumstances that caused us to have distance between us.

However, time heals, and the geometry of life is love and so the intertwining of mother and child can heal over time.

And each can be their own individual self when understanding is reached.

Read about my relationship with my mother in my secret series

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The Gift for Your Soul’s Journey is in Your Mirror of Others

As you search the world to understand it, first you are to understand yourself through your mirror. You are more than your reflection in the mirror, for you are greater than your humanness. You are the universe in its oneness. There is no separation; only our egos create separation to place us in limbo. The ego wants to keep you safe, and so places you in a situation to tie you down. When you are in a dark space, in depression, or in anxiety, this is fear arising in you. Don’t take this on board; it’s not you. It’s an illusion – a manifestation of an ego’s belief.

Are you the master of your ship? Or is the ego at the helm, instead of the captain? You have the choice to take over the wheel and steer your own ship. Isn’t it time to throw the first mate over board and take over the wheel?

Life is truly an adventure; the adventure can be in misery or in acceptance. I have been to these places, and it takes inner belief and courage to move forward and take charge of your own life. In my secret self, you can read about my journey and how I discovered myself through the mirrors of other people that entered my life to show me what was mine. At first I blamed them for my mishaps however as I grew in awareness, I realised they were a gift, mirroring to me my own issues.

Are you taking on the opinions or points of view of your tribe?

Family, co-workers, peers etc. The gift of your soul’s journey is in your mirror, and these are the people in your life. What are they expressing to you? Is it their fears you are buying into? Are they contributing to your well-being, your adventures, and your dreams; are they supportive, or are they nay-saying all you attempt to do?

This happens to keep you where they want you, and in that fear your ego will thrive, for it has you where it wants you.


To understand your true reflection, book in a free 15 minute consultation with me to begin your road to self-discovery.


False Identity

False perceptions can give you a false identity. This can cause you a false belief of your own capabilities in your adult life. Many have put themselves into situations where they should never have been and in jobs below their ability due to perceptions of others.
Are you the victim of a false identity imposed on you by people who did not see or understand your true capacity, potential or heart?
We are humans and we have intelligence. Our intelligence can cause us some undue stress because of our prior conditioning’s and beliefs about us from those that cared for us.

Are we defining the truth of who we are?

Is our true self able to rise out of the mayhem and chaos we seem to have invited in to stay with us?

Do you know the game of life is full of plays we have learned, and are still holding tightly to?

Do you know some of these plays are ancient and need a re-write?

Is it time to re-write your life and start with a clean slate? Are you strong enough to face yourself?

To free the self; one must first face what it is one needs to free the self from.

How can you know what you have to free yourself from, if you don’t know what it is you need to free?

Life is simple; we complicate it.

Are you complicating an old drama? Many issues play out like a movie in our mind which leads us down the wrong path.  We play a character in our lives that is not truly us. We need to separate from this false identity and uncover the truth of who we are. You can read about my journey to self-discovery in the my secret self series. 

Fear can cause us to give up on our dreams.

Fear can cause us to give up on our dreams. You have probably heard these words often enough and know this fact. But how can we get pass this fear that stops us in our tracks? Well there is no short answer for that question, because the answer is in you, and to find the cause of your fears, is your first port of call. The fears of other people or their opinion can also impact us as this can form beliefs that do not ring true for us.  Fears of others project on to one another.

The most common scenario can be between parents and their child e.g. if you are afraid of insects and you child see’s your reactions and behaviours affiliated around insects, they will mimic this.  Children will act out their parents fears. Energy will dictate this, even if the child is unaware or has no understanding of the situation and the consequences the bear on this.

Where is this fear residing in your body? Is it in your mind, or in your gut, or in your heart? Where is it lying hidden from you?
Sometimes these types of fears rise up in me and I have to face them. My fears usually lie in my gut, so there is an emotional fear holding me back. I have to address the emotional fear.

Fear will cause you to react in a particular way or will limit you in achieving what you are truly capable of achieving. How many of us are playing out our family members and the fears that restrict them.

To discuss the impacts your families fears, I would recommend a free 15 minute consultation to see how I can help you.



Finding our life’s purpose

Travel can open our minds and hearts and help us to find our true life’s purpose and dreams. Our dreams can be fulfilled when we are not around our familiar surroundings. Those in our surrounding be it, friends, family, and community, can stop us from being truly who we are meant to be.

This happened to me when I left Australia and lived away in another country. I was opened to writing my books which I could never have done here in Australia. Even though I always thought I would love to write a book.  An Esoteric Astrologer in Istanbul  opened me to my life’s purpose by showing me in my chart where I had to write my life’s journey.

There was a deeper reason for me to share my story with others. It will help the reader to understand that there are many patterns we form from our childhood conditioning’s. At my soul level; somehow my soul knew I had to write and it was my guide, my divine force, to move me towards finding my life’s purpose.

All of us have a life’s purpose. Some of us know it and some of us don’t ever get to know it. Are you free in your own knowledge of what is required of you in this lifetime?  Are you open to your life’s purpose or are others in your surrounding holding you back from being what you intended to be this lifetime? To help uncover your life’s purpose, book in a free 15 minute consultation with me.

I didn’t know my life’s purpose, until I left my country and comfort zone!

After writing my books, it took me another 11 years to actually publish them.  I came back to Australia and faced those who opposed my dreams.  My mission is to help others, to inspire and encourage others. I am to empower others to gather up their inner strength and be themselves.

“Life is to be Experienced”

In my 6 years away from my home country was the happiest time when I was truly myself. I am not suggesting that every one flees their country of origin. Find your place where you feel safe to be yourself and to fulfill your dreams. To read about my journey, see my books here. 


“Divine Spirit, guide me as I blindly tread on this earth, searching for my life’s purpose that’s staring me in the face. Oh, how blind I was to not see what thou had installed for me. I thank you for the wonders I have seen, the dreads I have dreaded, the poverty, the riches, the sick and the well; you have given me a wide scope of all what life can bestow on a human, for this I am eternally grateful.”