Readers’ Favorite Review from Rabia Tanveer

My Secret Self: Book 2 – Questioning Life in Marriage by Christine U Cowin is the second book by this author. In this autobiography, the author talks about her married life and how it affected her as a person. Christine shares her life views as to how she spent her life the way the world perceived her and how she became prey to pleasing the world rather than herself. More self-reflecting than accusatory, Christine talks about how women tend to lose themselves in their home, their families and the responsibilities that they have. We let others shape us into a new person and forget what it means to be ourselves. She is one of those rare few women who actually realize that they are losing themselves and they need to do something about it before it is too late. She felt the urge to believe in herself, wake herself up, and do something before it was too late. This book asks some very difficult questions that we may not have answers to, but Christine asked herself these questions and answered them to find herself once again.

This is one of the most encouraging and enlightening books I have read. It is empowering to read, giving courage to women to put themselves first. The narrative is very gentle. Christine doesn’t use any harsh words and keeps her tone light at all times. In My Secret Self, she makes sure that her point comes across in the most genuine way possible. Her word choice is just perfect; she allows the reader to get interested because they want to, not because they have to. Agreeing to put yourself first is very difficult, especially for women who have been conditioned to put everyone else first. I think this book would be a great help for women who are trying to break free and learn to love themselves. Christine’s story is encouraging as well as educational for women of all ages.

Childhood Photos

As you glimpse my life as a child in the book here are some photos of me as that child and a teenager.  To make the story seem more real to you.

Oh My God!

Oh my God! I couldn’t put your book down.

And there were so many memories about my own life brought up. So reading my book is like going down memory lane. They were the words of a reader of my book.

My book will take you back into your past. Not to stay there but to visit old times. Isn’t it so nice to reminisce with an old friend? Regard my book as your friend, and I invite you into my world so we can have a chat.

Some of my life events weren’t so good, but they have been dealt with and healed. What more can I say; to wallow in the past doesn’t help me or those involved in the story. And now it’s a story to be told, to have a chat with my readers to say, hey, remember when? Hey, did you do this or that?

Get a copy of my book and let’s sit and have a chat.

What if this was just a place to invent the biggest fantasies you can?

Are we here to create whatever we wanted to – good, bad or indifferent?

By knowing who you are, you can change your life’s course and stop being your parents, or your grandparents etc.

You are God within, and God is not outside of you; you are a co-creator, creating your imaginings here on mother earth.

What if God set this scenario all up for us to play in?

Is it our turn to play knowingly?

We can go through the process in tears or in awareness.

Isn’t it time to take the blinkers off and understand the truth of life?

Who Are We?

We are a result of our genetics: but what is in our genetic lineage

That’s been passed down from parents and grandparents?

We are also a product of what we’ve brought in with us from our previous lifetimes to heal and learn from, to evolve.

Then there is the environment we were birthed into. The functionality or the dysfunctional aspects of the family will impact us greatly.

How do we survive this when we have no idea of the intensity of life?

Many will never know they are a result of passed down information from parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

Poverty, loss, jail, and inappropriate traits and behaviours that are unknown to us can pop up and affect certain members of a family, but not other members within the family group, and we will refer to them as the black sheep of the family. It’s not their fault.

Before you judge them, ask what passed down ordeal that family member is inflicted with from the family line.

By being aware in the first place, this part of the process of life can help family members to understand each other.

When you have clues to you, you have a key to unlock your path to who you are; because you are not what you think you are.

You are a timeless being making many journeys to this dimension to play out your games of life; healing the memories of a past generation as well as your own past life stuff.

In awareness you can understand others and yourself.

How do we survive this?

How do we survive following the family traits that don’t suit us in this lifetime?

Having awareness that such things can happen,

Healing the genetic lineage,

Clearing our DNA of mentalities from past ancestors,

The key is in the awareness.

My Mother

My life lesson has been to learn to love my mother.

Mothers can be hard to understand; as a young adult we can be just finding our own way in the world

But feel we weren’t totally free.

Some mothers seem to have a hold on their children consciously or unconsciously.

Are you free to be yourself, or is your mother instilling her ways on you?

We don’t realise the intensity of our relationship with our mother;

She’s the one we bond with at birth.

Are you battling with your mother?

Or are you totally in love with your mother?

Dealing with my mother was important for me to learn to understand myself.

For me it was an effort to be close to my mother; due to our life circumstances that caused us to have distance between us.

However, time heals, and the geometry of life is love and so the intertwining of mother and child can heal over time.

And each can be their own individual self when understanding is reached.