genetic lineage

We are a result of our genetics: but what is in our genetic lineage

That’s been passed down from parents and grandparents?

We are also a product of what we’ve brought in with us from our previous lifetimes to heal and learn from, to evolve.

Then there is the environment we were birthed into. The functionality or the dysfunctional aspects of the family will impact us greatly.

How do we survive this when we have no idea of the intensity of life?

Many will never know they are a result of passed down information from parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

Poverty, loss, jail, and inappropriate traits and behaviours that are unknown to us can pop up and affect certain members of a family, but not other members within the family group, and we will refer to them as the black sheep of the family. It’s not their fault.

Before you judge them, ask what passed down ordeal that family member is inflicted with from the family line.

By being aware in the first place, this part of the process of life can help family members to understand each other.

When you have clues to you, you have a key to unlock your path to who you are; because you are not what you think you are.

You are a timeless being making many journeys to this dimension to play out your games of life; healing the memories of a past generation as well as your own past life stuff.

In awareness you can understand others and yourself.

How do we survive this?

How do we survive following the family traits that don’t suit us in this lifetime?

Having awareness that such things can happen,

Healing the genetic lineage,

Clearing our DNA of mentalities from past ancestors,

The key is in the awareness.

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