False perceptions can give you a false identity. This can cause you a false belief of your own capabilities in your adult life. Many have put themselves into situations where they should never have been and in jobs below their ability due to perceptions of others.
Are you the victim of a false identity imposed on you by people who did not see or understand your true capacity, potential or heart?
We are humans and we have intelligence. Our intelligence can cause us some undue stress because of our prior conditioning’s and beliefs about us from those that cared for us.

Are we defining the truth of who we are?

Is our true self able to rise out of the mayhem and chaos we seem to have invited in to stay with us?

Do you know the game of life is full of plays we have learned, and are still holding tightly to?

Do you know some of these plays are ancient and need a re-write?

Is it time to re-write your life and start with a clean slate? Are you strong enough to face yourself?

To free the self; one must first face what it is one needs to free the self from.

How can you know what you have to free yourself from, if you don’t know what it is you need to free?

Life is simple; we complicate it.

Are you complicating an old drama? Many issues play out like a movie in our mind which leads us down the wrong path.  We play a character in our lives that is not truly us. We need to separate from this false identity and uncover the truth of who we are. You can read about my journey to self-discovery in the my secret self series.