As you go through a traumatic experience, your soul splits or fragments. This can be a sign of your spirit breaking and this allows dysfunction and patterns of behaviour to form. You may feel like you can’t cope and it triggers fight or flight mode. 

The my secret self series takes you on a journey with me which uncovers the conditioning’s I experienced as a child and the traumatic experience that unveiled from an early age. My understanding of these experiences didn’t impact me until my late 40’s when I started to question what happened. 

My Secret Self leads you through a personal life experience and a perception of reflection and change which occurred later in life. When I had the  freedom and be open to the spiritual journey that awaited me and was always calling me throughout my childhood and marriage, I was able to heal and understand the reasons behind what had happened. Follow my journey as I unfold the story of this personal history. 

Trials and Tribulations of an Innocent

A child is vulnerable, accepting those closest to it: be it parents, siblings, relatives, close family, friends, and peers in institutions. When abuse or trauma happens to a child, it can scar them for life and leave them emotionally unstable; usually, these abuses happen to the most vulnerable ones, those seeking the very thing that can cause devastation in their lives: love.

My first book of the series is the beginning of the journey of freedom, understanding what happened to me as a child, but not letting the traumatic experience define me.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Christine’s book, her story. From the very first words, I was captivated and I couldn’t stop reading about her life – her experiences and inner thoughts that have made her the person she is today. It’s an extremely personal, honest and open story. I feel I have relived it with her. It has made me think about my life differently and has opened up my mind to what has happened and is happening in my own life. Thank you Christine for sharing this part of your life and for opening my mind to my life. I can’t wait for the next part of your story.


Toronto, NSW, Australia

Questioning Life in Marriage

What is life all about? I am sure it’s not the path I’d found myself on. Who ordained this life for me? What was my purpose on this earth?

All my life, I had been boxed into what those around me perceived me to be. I allowed them to shape me, and I struggled with this. We are all programmed to believe we are what we were conditioned into. As an adult, I took on the role of a wife and mother, not discovering who I am, because I was a member of a family, a wife, a mother: slowly losing myself to a preconceived belief of me. But deep within me, my spirit stirred and said no, this is not you. Seek out the knowledge, and remember who you are.

This is one of the most encouraging and enlightening books I have read. It is empowering to read, giving courage to women to put themselves first. The narrative is very gentle. Christine doesn’t use any harsh words and keeps her tone light at all times. Read more…

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