The my secret self series takes you on a journey with me which uncovers the conditioning’s I experienced as a child and the traumatic experience that unveiled from an early age. My understanding of these experiences didn’t impact me until my late 40’s when I started to question what happened. 

As you go through a traumatic experience, your soul splits or fragments. This can be a sign of your spirit breaking and this allows dysfunction and patterns of behaviour to form. You may feel like you can’t cope and it triggers fight or flight mode. 

My Secret Self leads you through a personal life experience and a perception of reflection and change which occurred later in life. When I had the  freedom and be open to the spiritual journey that awaited me and was always calling me throughout my childhood and marriage, I was able to heal and understand the reasons behind what had happened. Follow my journey as I unfold the story of this personal history. 

About Christine Cowin

Christine grew up in the Hunter Valley NSW with her family with her three sibilings. Curious and questioning life naturally, Christine became very introverted over the years and her life journey became one of a different tale. 

A resilent and independent women, Christine has endured more than most but has written the My Secret Self series to share her experiences to inspire others and serve people in the world. 

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There are 7 books to be released in total to share Christine’s inspirational journey. 

This is a true story of hardships, self discovery and to encourage others who may be experiencing trauma of any kind, that recovery is possible. 

This is a great Australian Memoir that you can relate to and enjoy. 


Trials and Tribulations of an Innocent

My Secret Self 1: Trials and Tribulations of an Innocent is book 1 of 7.

My Secret Self is an inspirational and powerful memoir of one girl’s life. Her traumatic experience, painful struggle and abuse. Through observing her life and realising it shouldn’t be this way.
My Secret Self series tells the story of discovering how she had been manipulated through pretence and lies. Impacting her childhood through the behaviours of her grandmother, who manipulated her young family to hold them with her because she was scared to be alone. How she escaped her painful world by seeing the magic in nature and how nature could be trusted when no one else could be.

My Secret Self is a warm-hearted, honest and gratifying tale of overcoming hardship.

My Secret Self pulls no punches; A frank and honest account of abuse of all forms.

A rare, intimate and nostalgic journey of her past.

At its core it’s a heartwarming story of perseverance. A story of hope.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Christine’s book, her story. From the very first words, I was captivated and I couldn’t stop reading about her life – her experiences and inner thoughts that have made her the person she is today. It’s an extremely personal, honest and open story. I feel I have relived it with her. It has made me think about my life differently and has opened up my mind to what has happened and is happening in my own life. Thank you Christine for sharing this part of your life and for opening my mind to my life. I can’t wait for the next part of your story.


Toronto, NSW, Australia

 Questioning Life in Marriage

My Secret Self 2: Questioning Life in Marriage is the second of 7 books. 

My Secret Self is about a woman’s realisation that she had followed in the family footsteps and marrying into a relationship that represented all the personalities of her family. Caught in the preconceived expectation to be a wife and mother without a voice. This was the life forced on her. 

My Secret Self is one woman’s struggle to discover the woman she is, not who she is being told to be. Her struggle. Her pain of feeling suppressed and lost. Her determination to awaken her true life’s purpose that was calling within however it wasn’t the right time. It wasn’t the right time to put herself first. 

At its core, My Secret Self is a story of perseverance. 
Despite having so many challenges to deal with, Spirit kept calling her to recognise who she really was and to live for herself and not others.

It’s her will to break free of the life that is being dictated to her and to discover her true path.   

An inspirational, hard-hitting and often moving account of one woman’s battle to find a better life through adversity. 

This is one of the most encouraging and enlightening books I have read. It is empowering to read, giving courage to women to put themselves first. The narrative is very gentle. Christine doesn’t use any harsh words and keeps her tone light at all times. Read more…

Readers Favourite Review from Rabia Tanveer

Death and the Cycles of Life

In my third book, My Secret Self: Death and the Cycles of Life, as time moves on and my children grow up, I have messages come to me to tell me that someone has died or will die. Death will present itself to me and take loved ones from us. There’s a deeper reason why some go before us and there are lessons for us to learn. My new job will make me realise just how much we seem to be in a school of learning, and that school is called Life.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot I need to understand about myself. I am gifted and know things; however, there’s more. A deeper awakening is stirring in me. My dreams are so real and I’m being pulled into this next phase of my life. Here I am, asking myself different questions. Am I just existing? Have I been biding my time and receiving small bits of information to set me on my true path, until I can leave this man? Can I make my escape to freedom? Is all we do worked out for us? Or is it us making the changes? Are we helped in some way? I am starting to realise there’s a reason for everything. I am a seeker of knowledge and I want to know.

I have been presented with some clues to start me on this journey that somehow, I lost the script for, on entering this world. Can I find this script? How will I do that? There are more answers to my life – I’m only touching the surface. I know I can’t do the work that is calling me if I stay in this marriage.

The My Secret Self Series has been compared to memoirs such as: 

  • Flowers in the attic by Virgina Andrews 
  • The color purple by Alice Walker
  • Philamena by Martin Sixsmith

“This book is a million light years away from my accustomed reading list. That said, this is a warm hearted, honest and gratifying tale that delves into the life and times of a woman who has overcome hardship, turmoil and adversity. As I read this, I found myself relating to stories such as ‘Philomena’, perhaps even ‘Flowers in the Attic’ and ‘The Color Purple’ and even a nod to the recent movie ‘Brooklyn.’ This is a story of self-actualisation through hardship, and for that there is universality in her tale. This is a commendable piece of writing.”
James Davidson 

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