My Secret Self: Questioning Life In Marriage (Book 2)



A child is vulnerable, accepting those closest to it: be it parents, siblings, relatives, close family, friends, and peers in institutions. When abuse or trauma happens to a child, it can scar them for life and leave them emotionally unstable; usually, these abuses happen to the most vulnerable ones, those seeking the very thing that can cause devastation in their lives: love.

My first book of the series is the beginning of the journey of freedom, understanding what happened to me as a child, but not letting it define me.

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What is life all about? I am sure it’s not the path I’d found myself on. Who ordained this life for me? What was my purpose on this earth?

All my life, I had been boxed into what those around me perceived me to be. I allowed them to shape me, and I struggled with this. We are all programmed to believe we are what we were conditioned into. As an adult, I took on the role of a wife and mother, not discovering who I am, because I was a member of a family, a wife, a mother: slowly losing myself to a preconceived belief of me. But deep within me, my spirit stirred and said no, this is not you. Seek out the knowledge, and remember who you are.