My Secret Self: Death and the Cycles of Life




The story in the third book tells of an abusive marriage and how Christine endured it, waiting her chance for the right moment to change her life.

Strength was gained as time went on and knowledge knocked on her door.

Whatever you’re gone through is supposed to have happened and it’s up to you to move forward and make new changes.

In strength and determination one can change one’s life.

Your journey here on earth is a short journey to discover who you are.

Death and cycles of life play a big part on your path. Life is death and death is life.

In awareness we can see the symbols and observe the experiences presented to us as gifts, to unfold our understanding of life.

Only we can make a conscious decision to see what life presents us, and follow that inner knowing towards the truth for ourselves.

We don’t have to stay in an abusive marriage, I hope this story gives you the courage, strength and understanding of your own life, to face your own true path.


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