I was born in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia, and am one of three siblings. I’ve had quite an interesting life, venturing outside of my own country, where I found the inspiration to write books.

Sometimes we have to go outside of our own comfort zones to discover our true self, and that’s been part of my life: always wanting to know the truth of life. I am a seeker, who loves to experience life. My favourite pastime is writing, reading, travelling and meeting people,  and capturing these moments through photography.

I think we find ourselves more through experiencing other people’s cultures. People teach us things, and through the reflection of other people, I have learned a lot about myself.

I am also a life coach, helping other people through my own experiences. When people come to us with similar experiences, we can really understand people. Through my complicated childhood and lived experience, I have found I have an insight into understanding the complexities other people are filled with when they are seeking coaching.

Sometimes we don’t know our path until we meet other people who can take us into a territory unbeknown to us, where the new encounter leads us to find our answers. In such an encounter, I found my purpose to tell my life story, through a series of books.