I was born in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia, and am one of three siblings. My autobiography is about my experiences and how I learnt about the patterns developed through the childhood conditionings. Many people don’t realise how destructive or detrimental some family’s patterns can be. As young children we are influenced by our role models, be it, our biological family or our family we are put into to care for us.  

Sometimes we have to go outside of our own comfort zones to discover our true self. I have always wanted to know the truth of life. I am a seeker who loves to experience life. For me knowing the truth is paramount. It has taken me many years to unfold the truth about myself in the family I was born into. I wrote my autobiography while living in Istanbul to share these learnings with others.


If I had not gone to Istanbul to live, I would never have revealed so much to myself. There I was free and able to relive my life to write my autobiography.

Through experiencing with other people in others cultures we can open door ways freely and not be restricted by the objections of our families.

My life experiences have given me the opportunity to use my learnings of self-discovery to help others through spiritual coaching.  When people come to me with similar experiences, I can really understand and relate to people. Through my complicated childhood and lived experience, I have found I have an insight into understanding the complexities other people are filled with when they are seeking coaching.


This autobiography has helped others to reflect on their own life and I have been told these books have inspired the readers.

Even though my story is not an easy one and can be confronting for some, I truly love and understand those who cared for me. There is no animosity, life is a journey and is to be experienced. There is always a reason for everything which you can read about in my autobiography.