Travel can open our minds and hearts and help us to find our true life’s purpose and dreams. Our dreams can be fulfilled when we are not around our familiar surroundings. Those in our surrounding be it, friends, family, and community, can stop us from being truly who we are meant to be.

This happened to me when I left Australia and lived away in another country. I was opened to writing my books which I could never have done here in Australia. Even though I always thought I would love to write a book.  An Esoteric Astrologer in Istanbul  opened me to my life’s purpose by showing me in my chart where I had to write my life’s journey.

There was a deeper reason for me to share my story with others. It will help the reader to understand that there are many patterns we form from our childhood conditioning’s. At my soul level; somehow my soul knew I had to write and it was my guide, my divine force, to move me towards finding my life’s purpose.

All of us have a life’s purpose. Some of us know it and some of us don’t ever get to know it. Are you free in your own knowledge of what is required of you in this lifetime?  Are you open to your life’s purpose or are others in your surrounding holding you back from being what you intended to be this lifetime? To help uncover your life’s purpose, book in a free 15 minute consultation with me.

I didn’t know my life’s purpose, until I left my country and comfort zone!

After writing my books, it took me another 11 years to actually publish them.  I came back to Australia and faced those who opposed my dreams.  My mission is to help others, to inspire and encourage others. I am to empower others to gather up their inner strength and be themselves.

“Life is to be Experienced”

In my 6 years away from my home country was the happiest time when I was truly myself. I am not suggesting that every one flees their country of origin. Find your place where you feel safe to be yourself and to fulfill your dreams. To read about my journey, see my books here. 


“Divine Spirit, guide me as I blindly tread on this earth, searching for my life’s purpose that’s staring me in the face. Oh, how blind I was to not see what thou had installed for me. I thank you for the wonders I have seen, the dreads I have dreaded, the poverty, the riches, the sick and the well; you have given me a wide scope of all what life can bestow on a human, for this I am eternally grateful.”