What if Mother Earth was just a place to invent the biggest fantasies you can?

No one has any answers and our imagination and our beliefs are not right or wrong, they are ours. No two people will perceive the same thoughts or beliefs and this is why we are all so individualistic.  God created a diverse melting pot. This includes different cultures, people, beliefs, ethnicity and personalities to take us on our own personal journeys.  If we were all the same, there would be no calamity, challenges and differences of opinions or races, creeds, the world would be a boring place.  Read about my journey to discover other cultures and beliefs and the journey I have traveled which was to appease my inner calling.

Are you listening to your inner calling? Have you got a special task you must do on Mother Earth this life time?

Although we don’t always agree with the way things are done or the opinions of others, it can shape our own beliefs and can impact the patterns we form within our own behaviours.

Are we here to create whatever we wanted to – good, bad or indifferent?

Although we have a role to play individually we are still influenced by those around us e.g. Family, peers, schools, workplaces, community groups and organisations. By knowing who you are, you can change your life’s course. Break those influential behaviours that are not serving you. You have choices as an adult to change and not be part of the status quo.
Be yourself: “Self knowledge heals all.”


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