Many people say as they read my book, your life is similar to my life. A lot you experienced, I’ve experienced. We all live a life with many experiences. Experiences can be similar but not the same. This is what unites people through reading books. Even through a particular group our similarities in experiences, visions, perspectives etc. My experiences can give you some aha moments. And will bring in some of your own memories as you read my book.

Books are written to excite, intrigue, shape, and inspire and bring in awareness of how other people have lived. You may even find we are not too far removed from each other’s lives. Reading books can help the reader to understand their own life, to put another’s person’s perspective on an incident and how they coped or handled it can help a reader. The most important message is you’re not alone; other people experience similar issues.

Reading of other people’s life events can be helpful

It’s understanding human nature through other people life experiences. We can educate ourselves on life by reading books. This will help us to trigger something you may need to remember, or inspire us to do something we always wanted to do for our own self.
Maybe you wanted to write a book, you may want to travel and live overseas. You want to start a business or maybe you wanted to learn a new language or about new cultures. Books offer all those interesting ways of learning and living.

Books help us to understand behaviours.

Help us to learn a crafts, or language. Read a book and live in someone else’s shoes for a few days or a month, and then sit back and say, hmm, that book helped me… Read about families, read about trauma and circumstances and how people have not let those traumas and circumstances define them. If you were traumatized as a child, you could find the courage to speak up on your own trauma and pain.  A book may help you to rise above your issue.

You have two choices

I had two choices; to suffer and be the victim, or see beauty in my world and rise above it. We all have choices in this world. And it’s up to us. Books can help us to understand life. Many of the experiences that you’ve experienced, other people have experienced too. And there’s something in that; when we feel oh, that person went through what I went through. Because we are a group society, other people’s experiences can be your experiences.

It is kind of like a feeling of, oh, these things happen to others. I’m not alone. And others did experience what I experienced and they move through it and forward. You may even realise oh! I’ve never looked at it that way. Maybe I can look at it through their point of view. And maybe I can learn and maybe I can move forward in my own dilemmas? By reading about other people’s experiences, we can change and grow as a person. So get a book, and read a book. Books hold great knowledge, solutions, ideas and new ways of thinking and doing. Books are wonderful.

If you have discovered something about yourself in a book, feel free to reach out for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss what this means to you.