A True Account of a Life Experience

These books in the My Secret Self-Series are an autobiography of a true account of a life experience.
This story is about a child called Christine and her experiences in her family.

Life is not What it is Supposed to Be

Who knows what type of a family we will be born into. Some of us will have an abusive experience and some of us will be traumatized. And only two percent of the population will have a good family experience.Do you carry trauma? We’re you abused? Are you able to talk about it?  Are you unable to express your trauma? Are you ready to open that memory up and deal with it? It takes courage to express this part of your life. And it took Christine until she was forty six. After that her path was set on healing the wound. She faced trauma as a child at the hands of a family member and it is usually a family member or someone close to the family. The consequences these experiences created for her and her family create a story that is said to hold the reader’s attention wondering what will happen next in Christine’s life.

Many people have no memory of their childhood or teens. And that doesn’t imply you had abuse or trauma. However, it’s due to some form of hurt you didn’t want to look at, and you’re decided to forget it.

What are these books about?

People ask what are these books about? What is it’s message? That is sometimes the reader needs to discover them self. We all perceive differently and I feel to if a book is described by a reader to another potential reader it can cause some suggests of how to relate to the book. A book such as an autobiography of a true account of a life experience must be between the reader and the author.

A Child Closes Down

In these incidences a child can close down because of the a traumatic event. One can lose their memory to block out the pain, hurt and shame, etc.  This happened to Christine, this is when a part of the child fragments. And fragmentation happens to adults too.

When this happens deep healing needs to take place to recover from these events. If one doesn’t heal the memories will re-surface until faced and dealt with.

For years Christine blocked out an issue she had no idea of. This is the sad fact we close down and block it in our subconscious mind. Then the subconscious mind will put us in fear mode to keep us safe. A true account of a life experience in this autobiography will take you on a journey as Christine unravels her self as she digs deep and brings to the surface her hidden issues to face them and once faced they defuse.

You see, a traumatized person will continue to work in the same patterns and put them self on repeat. And keep bring in the familiar through other people.

In an autobiography of a trues account of a life experience You will in the series encounter her past and her demons that may even be your own demons. See how Christine traveled and bravely faced the foe within and slayed them in this reality.

This book was written to help other’s to understand the depth in which your past can be hidden from you and how that past is affecting your future. You see the trauma doesn’t go away; it can only be hidden in you, and you may not even know it’s happened to you.