My journey in my book will tell you of how the seven years old, had accepted the abuse from my father. However, unbeknown to me this story has to unfold another story; to that story and that will take me in search for answers to understand what had happened. However, there are other situations other than the abuse, which had caused conflicts in the family circle. Through clues, dreams, and visions and through other people entering my life that triggered me, felt familiar, or I found myself playing out a familiar scenario, I will gradually piece together all that had happened and why it had happened. You see there is more to this world than meets the eye and all happens for a greater reason. You see the mystery of life is not outside of you, you are a mystery to yourself.

On the front cover of my book I have a lamb which to me symbolizes innocence: I was a lamb and I was robbed of my innocence. When a person is abused it changes their personality and it did mine I became introverted as a child. I learned to daydream which took me away from the reality of my life.

Becoming more of an observer in life I learned how to read the various personalities in my family and I learned how to read their behaviour so I knew how best to manoeuvre through my life with my family.

I gained my freedom as I got older and we can go either way it’s a choice you either stay held in the trauma and the drama or you move on and face your life and all that comes to you.