We are all usually carrying some hidden issues to our self. Words can have a devastating effect on us as a child up into adulthood. Words can affect our wellbeing and those words can stay with us all our lives buried in the subconscious mind coming up when we get triggered or face someone who seems familiar to who had cast those hurtful words. Unbeknown to you and you will wonder where that came. Your subconscious mind holds all you have ever encountered and never leave you. Words can lie dormant within you until it’s time for them to surface. This is why people can be going through life happily and contentedly then all of a sudden they find themselves thrown into a crisis. Why? We will ask ourselves.

Why because it could be a hidden trauma, a hurtful words said in the past coming to the surface now. Past situations can be played out for you to heal the past. We are all individual and we will face our dramas at different times in our lives. And because of our differences we are all affected differently. For one person in a similar situation maybe like water off a duck’s back for another person the words were so hurtful they can trigger a traumatic response.  Words have power and can cut to the bone and stay lodged in the basement of the mind until one day you turn the light on in that basement and discover the boogie man in there. Don’t run; face the monster.