I’m sharing with you my life experiences and how I overcame the deep issues trapped within me through re-living my life.
I took a leap of faith and went on my spiritual journey overseas, leaving all that chained me to the past back in Australia. Overseas I relived my whole life awake. Because the first part of my life I was living my life with my eyes closed.

Travelling is a great way to open one’s eyes to life.

Through my experiences with other people, I solved myself through reflection; I was truly seeing that the outer does reflect the inner. All is within us and if we are willing to see what others are showing us; we can in awareness change ourselves. Aha! Moment will let you see this is in you. The world mirrors us, for us to heal and grow as a person.

Once you get the reflection concept you can heal, and grow and become a better person.

God equipped us to heal ourselves. Is this the key? I returned to Australia and the past and this is where I am now still clearing that past but with a different approach to healing myself.

Here more doors are opening to give me the full; picture of my life and to write about it to help people to understand the complexities of one’s lives.