Our book of life is made up from images and these images are images we’ve developed through our understanding of our world. From these images, we have created our story that allows us to interpret our world through our mind. An image is said to convey a 1000 words, so true: “one image can have a 1000 different interpretations, from a 1000 different people”
So each of us will interpret our own world in our own way; in doing this there is no right or wrong to our story.

We will each interpret it from our own gallery of images in our mind: from our life experiences.

We can only imagine what we’ve experienced and seen. This is how we tell our stories from our interpretation of the situations we’ve experienced. Our brain is using only 10% of its capacity; what is the other 90% doing?
Our brain is not a mass sitting in our head: it’s a mass with corridors that have doorways, that can be opened when one is aware of the doorway.