In my family people switched personalities like changing clothes, so I learned to work with the mood being shown to me in the moment; what my parents, siblings and peers wanted to present to me. I learned how to work with their different behaviors and how to maneuver with them; of complexities that I knew nothing about and yet on another level, I seemed to know the psychology of the personality being displaying to me.
I was an observer: I watched and I learned. In this book, I write in a chronological order, telling my story at each age that I experienced an event, and giving the reader my understanding of events at the level of understanding I had, at that moment in time. I write in the child’s voice and later in the teenager’s voice, and so on. I wouldn’t know about complexities until I’m in my forties.
We need to be very careful of our behavior around children; for they see, hear and feel our problems, even if they don’t understand it.