FB Review

I am reading Christine’s book and I know a lot of people will relate to this beautiful book wrote from the heart. Christine is a lovely lady and a great writer. I highly recommend this book.

Gail Rowan – Gold Coast, QLD, Australia


Reading your book has let me know who you are and I can identify with you. We all have a personal life and a history. But many of us hid that life and so people never really know people. And it’s a good thing to tell your personal story. I can see how you feel you know people. From your experiences with the different people in your life and how you have learned to deal with the complexes of others through your observation of other people. And yes you don’t know people but you do know them. You know them on a soul level. And this has left you with a lot of insight into people and life. Knowing you as a work colleague work has never giving me a full picture of you however, reading your book has given me a true understanding of you and of whom you are. And I really like you and from reading your book this had given me a different perspective on you as a person.

Lorraine G. – Central Coast, NSW Australia