The Gift for Your Soul’s Journey is in Your Mirror of Others

As you search the world to understand it, first you are to understand yourself through your mirror. You are more than your reflection in the mirror, for you are greater than your humanness. You are the universe in its oneness. There is no separation; only our egos create separation to place us in limbo. The ego wants to keep you safe, and so places you in a situation to tie you down. When you are in a dark space, in depression, or in anxiety, this is fear arising in you. Don’t take this on board; it’s not you. It’s an illusion – a manifestation of an ego’s belief.

Are you the master of your ship? Or is the ego at the helm, instead of the captain? You have the choice to take over the wheel and steer your own ship. Isn’t it time to throw the first mate over board and take over the wheel?

Life is truly an adventure; the adventure can be in misery or in acceptance. I have been to these places, and it takes inner belief and courage to move forward and take charge of your own life. In my secret self, you can read about my journey and how I discovered myself through the mirrors of other people that entered my life to show me what was mine. At first I blamed them for my mishaps however as I grew in awareness, I realised they were a gift, mirroring to me my own issues.

Are you taking on the opinions or points of view of your tribe?

Family, co-workers, peers etc. The gift of your soul’s journey is in your mirror, and these are the people in your life. What are they expressing to you? Is it their fears you are buying into? Are they contributing to your well-being, your adventures, and your dreams; are they supportive, or are they nay-saying all you attempt to do?

This happens to keep you where they want you, and in that fear your ego will thrive, for it has you where it wants you.


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Face the Fear

When fear raises its ugly head don’t run away from it; face the fear and welcome it.
When we try to run from the fear or bury the fear deep within, it will resurface on and off until you acknowledge it.
Because the soul wants you to know it to heal it when it’s time for it to heal, and be known to you.
Remember, God only gives us what we can handle. Seek out help and clear it.