Face the Fear

When fear raises its ugly head don’t run away from it; face the fear and welcome it.
When we try to run from the fear or bury the fear deep within, it will resurface on and off until you acknowledge it.
Because the soul wants you to know it to heal it when it’s time for it to heal, and be known to you.
Remember, God only gives us what we can handle. Seek out help and clear it.

A New Land to Understand the Self In

I have written on the sexual abuse I went through. I wrote my books in Istanbul when I lived there. I was fortunate enough to find the right people. I did Reiki with a lady that helped me to bring all to the surface to be able write my story. I had some emotional times but I just kept on writing and I didn’t do chapters; I just wrote and got it all out into the computer and later on, I put it into chapters. Reiki helped me a lot.

I had pushed the memory of the abuse aside all my life. The memory would pop in now and then and I’d say I’m not ready to face that yet. The soul is patient and always allowed me that choice. However, in the 1990’s I started to face the issue and in Turkey it was fully faced.

I was also fortunate enough to be able to re-live my life, with my eyes wide open; encountering similar people from my past to reinforce the events, from my past.

I felt like a pair of eyes until my late fifties because I was never living in my body. Again in Istanbul, all changed; it’s as if that was the chosen place for me to heal myself. There I could open up and write on the situation and in doing so I gradually returned to my body. Now I live in my body and the events are just a story. Sometimes we need to move away from where it had all happened; to heal the issues or to write on it.