Fear can cause us to give up on our dreams.

Fear can cause us to give up on our dreams. You have probably heard these words often enough and know this fact. But how can we get pass this fear that stops us in our tracks? Well there is no short answer for that question, because the answer is in you, and to find the cause of your fears, is your first port of call. The fears of other people or their opinion can also impact us as this can form beliefs that do not ring true for us.  Fears of others project on to one another.

The most common scenario can be between parents and their child e.g. if you are afraid of insects and you child see’s your reactions and behaviours affiliated around insects, they will mimic this.  Children will act out their parents fears. Energy will dictate this, even if the child is unaware or has no understanding of the situation and the consequences the bear on this.

Where is this fear residing in your body? Is it in your mind, or in your gut, or in your heart? Where is it lying hidden from you?
Sometimes these types of fears rise up in me and I have to face them. My fears usually lie in my gut, so there is an emotional fear holding me back. I have to address the emotional fear.

Fear will cause you to react in a particular way or will limit you in achieving what you are truly capable of achieving. How many of us are playing out our family members and the fears that restrict them.

To discuss the impacts your families fears, I would recommend a free 15 minute consultation to see how I can help you.