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My Secret Self 1: Trials and Tribulations of an Innocent is book 1 of 7.
My Secret Self is an inspirational and powerful memoir of one girl’s life. Her painful struggle and abuse.Through observing her life and realising it shouldn’t be this way.
My Secret Self tells the story of discovering how she had been manipulated through pretence and lies. Impacting her childhood through the behaviours of her grandmother, who manipulated her young family to hold them with her because she was scared to be alone. How she escaped her painful world by seeing the magic in nature and how nature could be trusted when no one else could be.
My Secret Self is a warm-hearted, honest and gratifying tale of overcoming hardship.
My Secret Self pulls no punches; A frank and honest account of abuse of all forms.
A rare, intimate and nostalgic journey of her past.
At its core it’s a heartwarming story of perseverance. A story of hope.

My Secret Self 2: questioning life in marriage is the second of 7 books.
My Secret Self is about a woman’s realisation that she had followed in the family footsteps and marrying into a relationship that represented all the personalities of her family. Caught in the preconceived expectation to be a wife and mother without a voice. This was the life forced on her.
My Secret Self is one woman’s struggle to discover the woman she is, not who she is being told to be. Her struggle. Her pain of feeling suppressed and lost. Her determination to awaken her true life’s purpose that was calling within however it wasn’t the right time. It wasn’t the right time to put herself first.
At its core, My Secret Self is a story of perseverance.
Despite having so many challenges to deal with, Spirit kept calling her to recognise who she really was and to live for herself and not others.
It’s her will to break free of the life that is being dictated to her and to discover her true path.
An inspirational, hard-hitting and often moving account of one woman’s battle to find a better life through adversity.

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