Do you know you have emotional baggage?

We are passing on to our own children our emotional baggage, leaving them to heal what we hadn’t looked at.

A child is like a sponge and a child picks up on the said and the unsaid cues in  many environments.

Life is a cycle and the patterns you have, have been picked up by you from your family and now you are transferring them to your children.

Only you can change your immediate life and what came before you.

Your children, can heal what they picked up from you. Whatever you were carrying from previous generations from your former family members who didn’t heal.

When you change your life, you change your children’s lives.

It only just takes one family member to decide to commit to healing. You are not on the journey alone but you need to be prepared to make the change.

Will it be you or will your children have to uncover these unhealthy and dysfunctional patterns? This could include your patterns and all the behaviours passed down into you and from past generations. That is now in them.

At present I’m healing myself and family issues, and passed generational issues that has never been looked at by any family member.
I have become aware that there are behaviours and patterns in my subconscious mind that impact my decisions.

I am working hard to eliminate generations of beliefs, vows, superstitions, and hear says.

If you chose to heal you can. Not only heal yourself and your children, you can heal future generations.

If you are ready to commit and start your journey to unpack your emotional baggage, contact me today for a FREE 15 minute consultation. 

childhood emotional baggage