My Background

My childhood photos are in chronological order so as you read through my story.  You can have an image of the child you are reading about as she experiences her life.

As you glimpse my life as a child in the book, here are some childhood photos of me as a child and a teenager so you can imagine life with this young lady.
These childhood photos are in black and white, reflecting the period of the 1950’s and 1960’s when I was growing up. You can see the innocence in my face and trusting nature. The impact of my experience had not resonated yet and did not do so until my late 40’s.

I grew up in the hunter valley of New South Wales with 3 siblings on a farm. Spending a lot of time in nature where I was accepted and comfortable being myself was often where I could be found. I also spent a lot of time day dreaming which was my coping mechanism in my surroundings. After school, on a Friday, I often stayed at a friends house because it was much easier than my family life.  One of my favourite past times was to go to the movies.  This greatly influenced my imagination and developed my curiosity about other cultures. Little did I know this was the beginning of introducing me on an unconscious level to a necessary part of my life to seek the truth and write these books.

You can read the details of my life experiences in the My Secret Self series which takes you on my journey of childhood and explains the patterns and behaviours developed by the influence of members of my family.


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