And there were so many memories about my own life brought up. So reading my book is like going down memory lane. They were the words of a reader of my book.

“Oh my God! I couldn’t put your book down.”

My book will take you back into my past, not to stay there but to visit helping you to reconnect with your own memories of your yesteryear’s. I know when I am with friends of mine and we say “remember when”, we end up having a good laugh and the conversation becomes engaging and delightful. Not all memories are bad memories and my book is not full of doom and gloom. There are light-hearted memories to share with you.

Some of my life events weren’t so good, but they have been dealt with and healed. What more can I say; to wallow in the past doesn’t help me or those involved in the story. And now it’s a story to be told, to have a chat with my readers to say, hey, remember when? Hey, did you do this or that?

Get a copy of my book, join me in memory lane and let’s sit and have a chat.

Spiritual Coach