Fear can take us out of our comfort zone and cause us to give up on our dreams. You have probably heard these words often enough and know this fact. But how can we get pass this fear that stops us in our tracks? Well there is no short answer for that question, because the answer is in you, and to find the cause of your fears, is your first port of call.

Where is this fear residing in your body? Is it in your mind, or in your gut, or in your heart? Where is it lying hidden from you? Sometimes these types of fears rise up in me and I have to face them. My fears usually lie in my gut, so there is an emotional fear holding me back. I have to address the emotional fear.

My emotional fear is usually around self-worth. Am I worthy of this? Do I really want this? All these questions create a mixture of emotions within me.

Sometimes we get mixed up inside of us and our emotions tell us something, and it’s not one emotion causing the mix up; it’s a mixture of emotions that have tangled themselves under one name, causing us to think it’s such and such.

And that for me is self-worth. No, it’s not self-worth; it’s a combination of childhood issues that are still playing their movie in me. The movie has many scenes: the question is which of these scenes are my truth as an adult, and which are the scenes of my inner child?