I always thought the reason for writing the book was because when I went to Istanbul to live, I was introduced to an Esoteric Astrologer and he said it was in my chart to write a book.

Yes, he did influence me to write, because I always wanted to write, but I had no grammatical skills and if he had not told me I had to write, I’d probably just wanted to write and never do it. I had to be in Istanbul if I was to write because I’d never have done this in Australia.

Furthermore, there was a deeper reason and that was at my soul level; somehow my soul knew I had to write and it was my guide, my divine force, to move me towards my purpose in life.

All of us have a life’s purpose and some of us know it and some of us don’t know it.

I didn’t know my life’s purpose, until now! Yes, even though I’d written the books and did all the healings on me to move forward, I still didn’t have a clue as to what my life’s purpose was until now.

Yes, it’s to write and put my books out into the public to help others, to inspire and encourage others to gather up their inner strength and be themselves and experience what they are supposed to experience.

You see life is to be experienced, and I have done that in so many ways and I have had a wonderful life of many experiences; not always good, but they were the experiences I was supposed to have.


“Divine Spirit, guide me as I blindly tread on this earth, searching for my purpose that’s staring me in the face. Oh, how blind I was to not see what thou had installed for me. I thank you for the wonders I have seen, the dreads I have dreaded, the poverty, the riches, the sick and the well; you have given me a wide scope of all that life can bestow on a human, for this I am eternally grateful.”