I like to refer to myself as an observer. I can be quiet and just look and listen to my surroundings and take note of the actions of others as I do this. It’s quite interesting to sit and people-watch, and I have learned a lot about people in just watching. In today’s world we are usually locked to our devices and we don’t interact as much.

When I was travelling I was always meeting people and people were opening up to me on their life stories. A stranger in the street would approach me, and I was very open to meeting strangers. These strangers seemed to trust me on a level unbeknown to them. I knew on a soul level we’d arranged this meeting. You may question this, but life is like that: we meet people for specific reasons. They seemed to know I could provide an answer to their questions or their dilemma and I usually did.

This is why I went into life coaching many years later after I returned to Australia; because I’d had so much practice overseas helping strangers through listening and hearing what they were saying, and allowing the questions to come to me so I could transfer the questions to them, so they could get their answers for them to heal themselves.


“I am the observer, observing life around me, fated meetings, and sacred words mere coincidences – or was it ordained?”