Discover your inner child. Trauma and grief can sway us away from the important things in life and interfere with our happiness. When we are bogged down with grief, guilt and shame, we are in a self-defeatist mode. This can cause us to dig ourselves into a hole in the ground.

Life and its circumstances dictated how I felt.  Daily pressures can mount up and get in the way of our happiness. It was time to make a decision: do I continue, or do I do something about it?  Because of outside influences on me, I decided no more flitting in and out of dilemmas which I had been for the past six months. Life had been catching up with me; now that I’m writing and publishing, I’ve put myself in some strenuous situations, and I seemed to be making a mountain out of mole hill. I had to stop this behaviour, and it is a behaviour, and one I know I am capable of playing in.

So what is the root cause of this behaviour?

You know what happens when we stop: the old memories come flooding in and we are forced to reflect to heal. I was creating a dilemma to get through a deep unknown secret in me. I didn’t believe in me. Wow, really? I do believe in me. But the truth be known, I didn’t, and to disguise this inner fraction, I put myself in a dilemma of frazzling myself and others, to blame others for my shortcomings. Aha! This is the issue.

I questioned it, and in questioning it, I had some pretty angry moments, and  in the silence all was quietly revealed. The answers I had been looking for came to me. Aha! So this is what it’s all about. In the knowing I accepted what was causing me to act that way. In the recognition there came acceptance, and in the acceptance it dissipated.

You see, I got a taste of my own medicine as a spiritual coach. This is how I help my clients to move through something irritating or blocking them or causing them anger.  I had to investigate my own inner child through reflection; to help myself recognise what was the issue and accept the outcome, which was fear to move forward.

Was not believing in myself my way of self-sabotaging myself?  It took a bit of work to get a breakthrough.

I was life coaching myself. And so now I and my inner child are in a happier place, and things are pretty good and running smoothly. A reprieve until the next inner monster raises its ugly head to send my inner child into another episode of fear. But we can handle what life throws at us; it’s all in the reflection of the past, to move through to the now. Read more about my inner child here

Inner child of mine

‘Inner child of mine you surprise me constantly
With your little whims of yester year
I in the now am content to explore the now and the future.
But you tag along looking over your shoulder
To not let the boogie man get you.
Oh little one how sorry I am
That I can’t cleanse or wash away your fears forever.
Alas we must work in unison
To bring forth the monsters in the chasm of your mind
For a better life for us both
To escape the wheel of incarnation and
Endless returns to this plane of existence.
So little one bring forth to me your fears and
Let me help you to find solace through my understanding
And let’s abolish all the monsters of your days.”