How we perceive our world.

I recently had the pleasure of spending time with a family member, and we discussed our perceptions of our families, how we’d both saw what was not true of each of our families; and that was due to what our eyes saw.
I always saw this family as affluent and they in turn had seen our family as affluent. However, neither of our families was affluent. We were not poor, but we were not rich. We’d had the advantage of living on our farm rent free.

As a child I had seen the big city riches when I visited this family. These riches were far from a country town’s riches.
What was I assessing the affluence of in the big city? Family members in the big city had advantages. Yes, I saw that a person living in the big city had good fortune to participate in activities of their desire. And due to that, that made them in my eyes as affluent and being fortunate. In my family, we had no such luxuries; because we were so far from town, and to go into town to attend weekly activities was near impossible.

It’s funny how the mind of a child works, and analyses a situation to fit in with their situation.
I had to create an understanding of the lack in me. Not being able to fulfil some of my dreams as a child; to do ballet. So to justify it, I had to understand my parent’s reasons for why this was not possible: Dad was a shift worker, and Mum was a non-driver of a car.

So we were forever lacking in the cultural sides of life, and this family member was so fortunate to live in the big city and to go to the stage shows that a country person like me, had no clue existed in the 1950’s to 1960’s. A country life in those years was a sheltered life and you were far removed from the arts.

I was not a country girl to go ride a horse or to want to attend the cows; I feel I was a city girl caught up in a country life foreign to me.

Life is ordained and our path is set from baby till we can make a choice to change it. I had karma with my dad who was on a farm, and that karma had to override my love of the arts buried deep within me, a distant memory from another lifetime. You may scoff at me and say there is no such thing as other lifetimes, and I may refute that and say, there is.

Well, let’s hope I get it right this lifetime to make better choices in my next incarnation. Funny how we all have these perceptions as children, and as we grow older we still hold onto them, until we get to a point in our life where we are forced to relook at our perceptions from childhood because those perceptions aren’t serving us in our immediate adult life.

This brings me to the point that I could be cruelling my own manifestation and ability to move forward and think rich, by having these inappropriate childhood beliefs. Because really, they’re only a belief from childhood; so I am looking at people and perceiving them as affluent, but I must be unconsciously perceiving myself as less than them, as I see them above me.
It’s funny how our mindset can change our destiny. So if I see myself as lesser than, I’ll always be lesser than. This belief has to go. And I’m so, so glad I met my family member and we discussed this topic.