“My Secret Self” by Christine Cowin is a delightful book and very well written. It flows easily because it’s so exciting and it is written with great knowledge of language and the flow of the words is brilliant. Christine has written her story in a chronological order about her childhood and that in itself is an absolute delight, even with those in her family and the things they used to do. In the background is trauma that Christine had to live through, but the background does not in any way diminish the rest of the manuscript; how she has overcome it is an inspiration to anybody who has to overcome this trauma.

It was trauma perpetrated by a family member in whom Christine had trust, and that trust was broken because of what he did to her; and yet despite this, it is still a book of great enjoyment with well-written, lovely little narratives about her childhood, and also the joys of childhood are expressed very beautifully. Everybody should have a childhood like this because it was such a good time, except for this one traumatic thing; yet Christine has chosen to decide that she will not let that ruin her life; and any other children and grown-ups who have had this trauma of being molested by another person, they could learn a lot from Christine’s example.

Christine has shown great courage and fortitude to be able to overcome this very traumatic time of her life and write a book about it, and not a book which is maudlin in any way; it is a book which states what happened, and almost not from an objective point of view, because it would have been for any child a most traumatic event or events. But she has shown great resilience in deciding (and here is the key word, deciding) to not let those events of childhood ruin her life, and for that it is much to be commended; not only for telling this tale but for these delightful insights into her childhood with her family members.

The writing is of such a high calibre that anyone would be glad to read this book, and anybody who does not have Christine’s book would be very well advised to get it, because it shows insight into certain things that people hush, hush about and Christine has come out boldly and made it known in her book how she lived through these traumas and managed through great fortitude of character to overcome this in her adulthood. Christine is much to be recognized and praised for being able to do this with what has happened, and I hope you all enjoy reading “My Secret Self” by Christine Cowin.