My Inspirational Story

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

How it all started.

2001 was the first time I traveled overseas and I am forty-nine years old I had lived a very sheltered life, married, divorced and studied.

I studied with a college in Australia that allowed me to go to Italy to study and there I remembered I had to go to Turkey to visit it.

I got a train from Rome to the boot of Italy; to the port of Brindisi to catch a ferry boat to Greece and then on to the Island of Samos. I have never traveled and I had no fear. I was on a mission and I was following a calling I had twenty years prior to going to Turkey.

I spent time in Greece and on the Island of Samos and then I got a barge to Kusadasi, Turkey. We were nearing the port and I ran downstairs. Why did I do that for?  As I waited to dock with the smelly cars and their exhaust fumes, again I asked myself – why am I downstairs?

But I would soon found out. When the barge door went down, I felt oh my God I have come home. And as soon as I stepped onto Turkish soil I knew instantly I had come home. I ended up travelling around Turkey on little and big buses like I knew the place, like the back of my hand. I had come home.

Follow my story on how I will go back and live in Turkey. But what was the lead up to making that decision? I had to go home, but why was Turkey my home?