Did a big meditation that had opened me up around my family issues and this is the outcome. Sometimes we need to tap into our chakra system to clear out an issue. And this is what I did for three days I used a meditation on the Chakras. Courtesy: of Katt Tozier.

I’ve had a lot of family issues from my childhood. A big issue was with my grandmother, who we lived with. When my young parents were married my grandmother asked them to live with her, due to her insecurities.

It was agreed they’d live with her for a while, however, they could never leave her so she held them in her control and if they tried to leave her, she’d get conveniently sick and they’d feel guilty and not leave her and stay with her. We were isolated on her farm and there were many opportunities we missed out on.

As children, we absorb everything going on around us, for me, grief was one of the things I absorbed and it been one of the hardest things for me to release.

At a deeper level, I was very resentful of her. I knew I was trapped in her grief and I knew she’d caused us all a lot of harm from her grief and I was constantly working through this issue.

I work in aged care with people who have had a lot of grief in their lives. This was one of my life lessons to solve. I was becoming more annoyed; it was the old inner grief coming up in me. I had to face this inner dilemma and heal it.

Doing this mediation over three days I was able to clear the grief. First I had to face the angry within and facing that anger, I finally, could fully solve the problem. Now all is solved with my grandmother and I am at ease and happy with her memory.